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Euro 2020 Betting - Why Spain is the Worst and the Best team of Euro 2020?

Euro 2020 Betting - Why Spain is the Worst and the Best team of Euro 2020?

The group stage of the European Championship 2020 came to its end and the picture became much clearer. Talking about the Spanish national team, they are, in my opinion, the worst and the best team so far! In the match with Sweden in Group E, the Spaniards showed complete control of the ball and pretty much only positional attacks. But it wasn't a very interesting match to watch. First of all because throughout the game Spain only created 4-5 dangerous moments, but didn’t score any, as one of their main problems is execution. Secondly, Sweden played the defensive game and counted only on counterattacks. So the fans ended up watching the game, when some players occasionally roll the ball, while others didn't let the rival do anything.
And we understand that this tactic might be necessary for the result, but it’s just boring to watch. Moreover, it didn’t help Spain much, and many thought that Luis Enrique would address it somehow on the break, but after the halftime, Spain looked even worse, and in the moments where they could’ve run into a quick counterattack, they preferred to just lay back and play stuffy positional Football again!
In the second match against the Polish national team, the Spaniards were a little more active and they scored their first goal in the tournament. But the game ended in a draw, as Poland played more confidently than the Swedes and Robert Lewandowski scored for them.
In general, the Spanish team looked pretty good, but since they were the favourites of their group, it was expected that they would take victory in two matches with not the most difficult rivals. Thinking about what might be the reasons, the Spanish national team does not have a strong striker who would score every dangerous moment. They have high-class players, but unfortunately, Luis Enrique has not yet used their potential to the maximum.
Yes, the Spaniards made it out of their group, but it's a shame that they barely did it, instead of proudly leading it.
But everything’s changed in the game Spain vs Croatia. It was truly one of the best matches of Euro 2020.
First of all, there was almost everything in this game, starting from Unai Simon's very stupid own goal, and the Spaniards recouped after 1:3, with Morata’s contributing a lot to it scoring the winning goal, and Spaniards winning the game with the 3:5 score.
Secondly, unlike the group stage, in this game Spaniards attacks were the best. It wasn’t positional and boring, this time we saw a truly attacking spirit and interesting game from the Spanish National Team.
Thirdly, their defence could’ve been better, Spain allowed a lot of things to be done by Croatia near its gates and, apparently, their goalkeeper Eric Garcia is still young and inexperienced.
We hope that there will be more beautiful matches from the Spanish National Team in the next game against Switzerland, which showed their stamina in this Euro 2020 and is indeed a very strong rival. Check the odds comparison for this match here.

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