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Euro 2020 England National team Performance

Euro 2020 England National team Performance

Of course, your expectations are your problem, but when all the bookmakers think that England is one of the main favourites for the European Championship 2020, and they only scored 4 goals in four matches, it's kind of strange. When England tied with Scotland national team, many have noticed that it was a very poor performance for the English - they only hit the bar once and that’s all about that game, which overall ended up being very boring.
Recently, England did beat the Croatians, but with a modest score of 1-0. And in general, England's national team still doesn't look very good and they are in second place in their group. Taking into account that the England national team was considered one of the main favourites, their performance seems very poor. So what is wrong?
First of all, it is a defensive game of the English, which no one expected. As was noticed by the fans after the match with Scotland, they played from the defence, therefore, the number of dangerous moments in the match suffered.
Secondly, Harry Kane, who became the top scorer and assist in the Premier League 20/21, failed. In the two games of the group stage, he doesn't look very good: he gets into offsides, doesn't shoot on target, and in general, where are his effective actions? Taking into account that he plays an important role in the building of attacks, his game seems wobbly.
Thirdly, what’s wrong with their attack in general? England neither scored from good positions nor after great passes, as if they're always missing that last shot. Sterling seems to be trying, but nothing good came out of it - it’s either offside or inaccurate passes. Yes, he scored in the first match, but the overall impression of him is mixed.
But I want to praise the young stars of this team. Southgate included a lot of young players in the starting line-up, and so far they are looking good. Phillips entered every single combat, supported the centre and even managed to assist in the first game! Foden often helps to start attacks, shoots dangerously (e.g. the shot on the bar in the match against Croatia) and gives good supporting passes in the attack for further advancement. Have you seen Mount's passes? They're great, he sees the game and is very good at pressing! And how reliable in defence is James, who last Friday carried the ball with his head from the ribbon of his goal. You really can praise the younger generation of the England national team for hours, but it is better to just see their game.
Hope we’ll see some different tactics from the England team in the following matches and they live up to our expectations. Find the odds comparison for the upcoming game with Ukraine here.

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