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Denmark vs Czech Republic Euro 2020: who’s gonna make it?

Euro 2020 Betting: Denmark vs Czech Republic

Let’s start with the odds, looking at the odds comparison for this match from 15 UK bookmakers, Denmark is the obvious favourite with the highest odds 2.2 coming from LVbet, while the highest odds for Czechs is 4 from Betfred. Let’s try to make sense out of it and understand why it’s not the best betting strategy to always rely on whats bookies say.
One of the main factors when defining the odds is the recent winnings of the teams. And Denmark did indeed win the past few games with amazing scores. In the Euro 2020 match Denmark vs Wales, Denmark smashed Wales with the 4:0. Before that in the match against Russia Denmark national team didn’t leave a chance to Russians with 4:1.
Let’s look at the Czech’s last games scores. In the Euro match against Scotland national team, the Czech Republic team won with the 2:0 score, and in the football match with Croatia they tied with the 1:1 score, and before that Czechs lost to England with a 0:1 score.
It seems obvious why Denmark is the favourite here, but let’s analyse their competitors first. Yes, Denmark had an amazing and bright winning row, but over quite an average Walsh and Russian teams. And let’s not forget that Denmark national Team also lost the game against the Finland team. Yes, the circumstances were extraordinary with Christian Eriksen’s heart problems affecting the team emotionally, but they still didn’t make it against Finland.
Let’s now look at the Czechs past rivals, they won the match with Scotland, who tied 0:0 with England before that, then the Czechs tied 1:1 with a very strong Croatian team, and lost only 1 goal to England - one of the main Euro 2020 favourites. None of these events is indicating that the Czech team is weak.
Taking into account all of the above, and looking at the best odds for Denmark vs Czech Republic Euro 2020 football match, it will be a serious mistake for an experienced punter to miss such good odds on the Czech Republic win market, having such a game history. Because the bets are always where the best odds are.
The choice is still yours, but in case you want to check the best odds for Denmark vs Czech Republic Euro 2020 for yourself - here’s the link.

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