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How To Read Sports Betting Trends & Beat Bookies

How to read & beat sports betting trends

As sports betting continues to grow, more and more time and money goes into finding ways to beat the bookies. One of the methods that bettors have gravitated towards in recent years has been the analysis of betting trends. When properly researched and executed, betting on trends can be a profitable and consistent strategy to use when sports betting.

What are betting trends

Trends, when analysed for sports betting, refers to the general outcome or direction of a certain game or match in the past that is organised and analysed to better predict the matchup in the future. These trends will take a number of things into consideration, including the historical betting odds, the current betting odds, and previous outcomes of a certain event. There are a number of different types of trends, but they all have the same goal, which is to inform the bettor on how to better predict the outcome of a game or match.

Situational betting trends

A situational betting trend is a trend that calculates the outcomes of matches that fit a certain situation. These trends are used to pick out unique betting opportunities that are possibly priced wrong by the bookies. The goal of betting trends is to find discrepancies between the odds made by the bookie on a certain outcome compared to how many times the outcome actually occurs. A good betting trend will provide bettors with a system that will be profitable over an extended period of time by taking advantage of recurring betting opportunities that fit the betting trend criteria.

An example of a situational trend that could be analyzed is checking the record of Premier League teams who are underdogs when playing at home to check if it is consistent with the odds being offered by bookies on these matchups. Notice in our example that the trend includes the criteria of a team who is playing in the Premier League, at home, and is an underdog. This will allow us to only look at games that fit this criteria. That way, we can get a more accurate read on the outcome of these types of games, and see if these teams, the underdog home teams in the Premier League, represent value compared to their betting odds. This is just one example, as situational betting trends have an endless possibility of criteria that can break down a matchup any way you would like.

How to read betting trends

Unfortunately, betting trends are not going to automatically help you win bets. You must be able to interpret and read the data that you are looking at when you research these trends. Reading betting trends is not difficult, but it does take time and you must understand what you are looking at. Breaking down betting trends requires that you look at past results, as well as the past betting odds. From here, it will be your goal to find a somewhat consistent pattern that can be used to profit. For example, you would hope to find a consistent result, such as consistent high scoring games, or a consistent home team winning in a certain matchup. These consistencies are what will make the bettor money over time.

Betting Trend Strategies : Applying betting trends

Now that you know what betting trends are, it is time to develop strategies to apply the use of betting trends. As mentioned earlier, the possibilities of betting trends are limitless because you can put whatever criteria on the trend that you would like. In our video, you can see how easy it is to pull data on basically any football matchup and see the historical betting odds along with the results. Data like this is key in applying betting trends.

Betting trends should be used to assist you when betting on sports. To put together your own trend to follow, simply create the criteria and do the research. One trend that might be worth considering is betting on home underdogs to get at least a point in the Premier League, and here is why. This trend was tested throughout the 2020-21 Premier League season, and was proven to be profitable with certain teams. Out of 380 away games played in the Premier League, the home side was the underdog in 131, well below half. Out of these 131 games, Premier League underdogs at home earned at least a point in 80 matches, again, well over half. With the average odds of (1.83) to represent the odds of a home underdog to get a point in the Premier League, this trend would have paid out if it was executed during the 2020-21 EPL season. With a record of 80-51 out of 131 matches, this trend would have yielded 15 units of profit.

Betting Trends : Conclusion

Betting trends can be another tool to use to help you hit your bets. While it is not fool-proof, betting trends are a great way to take human bias out of the equation by looking at data that cannot lie. Give these betting trends a try by creating your own using our linked video. It has never been easier to create your own trends to use! With the right research, you can discover some really helpful and reliable betting trends that are sure to boost your profits.

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